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Objective Cloud
Digital Pathology Image Manager

The Power of Collaboration :
Global Infrastructure for Digital Pathology


Objective Cloud™ is a versatile browser based solution for storing, managing, sharing and analyzing your digital pathology images. Pathologists, researchers and educators can easily create and organize their digital slide collections, allowing them to securely access and share their collections with colleagues and collaborators whenever and where ever they may be.

Choose your Scanner

MyObjective supports all major digital pathology formats, allowing you to select the scanner that best meets your needs.


The browser-based interface eliminates the need to download and install client software. View and manage your images using IE, Edge, Chrome or Firefox on either PC, MAC or mobile device.


Create folders and orgainize images based on your workflow requirements. Upload images directly to your workspace and have them imediately available for viewing and sharing with colleagues.

Annotation and Measurement

Simple and easy to use tools for annotations and measurements. Bookmark your annotations to quickly navigate to important areas of interest, Ideally suited for remote consultations or e-learning applications.

Share your Images

DirectLink™ creates an encrypted url link to an image file that can be shared by email or instant message.  Collaborators can click on the link and get secure direct access to review the full digital image file. DirectLink™ provides a fast, effective tool for enabling consultations, second opinions and research collaborations.

Image Analysis

Perform quantitative IHC analysis using Immunopath Image Analysis. Develop protocols or utilize and modify existing protocols for nuclear, cytoplasm or membrane analysis on WSI, microscopic or TMA images.

Supported Formats

Objective supports all of the major digital pathology image formats without conversion. Contact us to discuss adding support for any additional formats.

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