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ObjectiveConvert is a general purpose digital slide file format converter that supports file conversion between most  major virtual slide image formats. The converter supports input/output of 8bit RGB image files, and works on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Due to the unique characteristics of some of the file formats, some features may not be supported during conversion. (contact Objective Pathology for specific details)


Function:                   Off-line conversion


Capacity:                   Single file or batch processing


File Type:                  3-channel, 8-bit, typical for brightfield H&E or IHC stained slides


Input Formats:        Aperio.svs, Leica.scn, Hamamatsu.ndpi, 3DHistech.mrxs, Sakura.svslide, Zeiss.czi, Bacus.cws, Surveyor.sws, Roche.tif, Philips.tiff, Omnyx.rts, JPEG 2000, TIFF/BigTIFF

Output Formats:       Objective.zif, Aperio.svs, Leica.scn, JPEG 2000, TIFF/BigTIFF


Operating System:   Windows 64-bit, Mac OS X 64-bit (Big Sur coming soon)


3DHistech|Mirax.mrxs requires installation of SlideAC library, available from 3DHistech; only supported on Windows.

Leica|Aperio.svs output supports JPEG, JPEG 2000, and LZW tiles. Philips iSyntax not supported (use TIFF export).

Roche|BioImagene.bif not supported. Omnyx.rts requires customer license from Inspirata.

16-bit or multichannel images, typical for fluorescence microscopy, are not supported.

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