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Objective Cloud

Regional Connection, Global Collaboration

Objective Pathology has been providing cloud hosting to researchers, educators and pathologists since 2005. Objective Cloud provides high performance, scalable capacity, secure access, as well as many tools to organize, manage, view, consult and analyze your digital pathology data.

No Installation

Objective Cloud is a browser based system and requires no new hardware or installation of additional software or 3rd party plugins.  Access your account from desktop or mobile with any recent browser.

Vendor Interoperability

Objective is compatible with all major digital pathology image formats and is interoperable with most WSI scanning systems.

Global Accessablility

Set-up your MyObjective account and you are ready to securely share and collaborate with colleagues world-wide.

Optimized Digital Pathology Network

Objective Pathology is the only company to offer a fully managed global digital pathology network. Contact our infrastructure team to discuss how we can optimize your network connectivity and performance.

Data Security

All data is hosted in our secure data center points-of-presence (POPs). Redundant storage and backups are in place to help protect and insure data integrity.


From 50 GB to multi-PB, storage capacity can be scaled to meet all of your image storage requirements. 

Supported Formats

Objective is format-neutral and supports most digital pathology image formats. Contact us to discuss adding support for any additional formats.

Hosting plans are available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

Please contact us for more information and a quotation for your organization. 

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