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Digital Pathology Image Viewer


ObjectiveView provides local access and viewing of your digital pathology images. In use in over 30 countries world-wide, ObjectiveView has become one of the most popular image viewers, and is the ONLY vendor-neutral native application available for viewing digital pathology images on both Windows and MacOS, 

digital pathology viewer
  • Supports all major digital pathology image formats

  • Available for WIN 64bit or Mac OS X

  • View locally or connect to MyObjective Image Manager

  • Supports connection to Aperio Spectrum image server

  • Annotation and measurement tools

  • Display multiple images

  • Capture snapshots or export to .jpg/.tif

Supported Formats

MyObjective is vendor-neutral and supports all of the major digital pathology image formats. Contact us to discuss adding support to any additional formats.

Note: Support for 3DHistech .mrxs files requires the SlideAC SDK available from 3DHistech and supported on Windows systems only.

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