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Digital Pathology Image Manager


digital pathology web

Simple, powerful and cost-effective solution.


Install and manage your images in-house or let us host your images on MyObjective™Cloud


Choose your scanner.

The choice of a digital pathology scanner should not be limited by your management software. MyObjective™ is a vendor-independant platform and supports image files from most of the major digital pathology scanners. Choose the scanner that best meets your needs and let MyObjective™ manage all of your digital pathology images.

No software to download

The web-based interface eliminates the need to download and install client software. View and manage your images from anywhere using IE, Chrome or Firefox on either PC or MAC.

Organize your images

Using the built in File Manager, users can organize their images to meet their specific workflow requirements. The included Upload function allows authorized remote users to upload images directly to the server.

Annotation and Measurement

Simple and easy to use tools for annotations and measuerments. Bookmark your annotations to quickly navigate to important areas of interest, ideally suited for remote consultations or e-learning applications.

Sharing your images 

DirectLink™ creates an encrypted url link to an image file that can be shared by email or instant message.  Collaborators can click on the link and get secure direct access to review the full digital image file. DirectLink™ provides a fast, effective tool for enabling consultations, 2nd opinions and research collaborations.

Click here for a DirectLink™ example

Image Analysis

Immunohistochemical image analysis has become of major importance in digital pathology. MyObjective has been designed to easily interface with many 3rd party image analysis software packages.


Objective Pathology has recently partnered with Room4 to provide integration of their Immunopath Quantitative IHC Analysis software, a protocol based software solution. 

Click here for Demonstration Video

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