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Hosted Digital Pathology Service

digital pathology cloud

All the benefits of digital pathology without the hardware investment

Securely store, manage, share and analyze your images remotely

MyObjective™Cloud delivers all of the features and benefits of MyObjective™ Digital Image Manager, for the storage, management and sharing of your digital pathology images on-line, but is managed and hosted for you by Objective Pathology in our secure data centre located in Toronto.  Our vendor-neutral software allows us to accept whole slide image files from most of the major scanner manufactures


Hosting on MyObjective™Cloud is an ideal and cost-effective solution for educators, pathologists, researchers, veterinary pathologists to:


·         Create educational digital slide sets to augment histology, pathology and cytology courses

·         Host WSI images to support on-line journal publications

·         Enhance lectures and conference presentations by including access to relevant digital slide images

·         Support multi-site collaborative research

·         Provide remote consultation and second opinions

·         Develop programs for External Quality Assessment (EQA)


Monthly or annual hosting plans are available and Objective offers scalable storage  to meet all your hosted WSI requirements. 

Check out MyObjectiveCloud at

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